• Anxiety-Panic Information

    Anxiety disorders are serious mental illnesses. These disorders effect people’s lives with overwhelming anxiety and fear, but many don’t realise that effective treatments for anxiety disorders are available.

  • Recognizing Signs of Anxiety:

    Recognising signs of anxiety before your nervousness and other symptoms of anxiety get out of hand can help you reduce their intensity. Typically, anxiety symptoms can fit into one of two categories: physical symptoms and emotional symptoms.

    Physical symptoms of anxiety include physical reactions to the stress that others could notice. Emotional anxiety symptoms would include reactions to stress or a challenging situation that people on the outside usually cannot detect.

  • Physical Symptoms of Anxiety:
    1. Nausea or dizziness
    2. Frequent need to urinate
    3. Diarrhoea not caused by illness
    4. Trembling
    5. Headaches
    6. Fatigue
    7. Insomnia
    8. Sweating
    9. Rapid heartbeat and breathing
    10. Muscle tension
  • Emotional Anxiety Symptoms:
    1. Feelings of dread
    2. Difficulty concentrating
    3. Irritability
    4. Feeling tense and jittery
    5. Anticipating the worst outcome
    6. Over-alertness for signs of danger
    7. Feelings of apprehension
    8. Feeling as if your mind has gone blank

    For some, the level of anxiety escalates to the point where they have an anxiety attack.

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